Paikin Genealogy Project

The Paikin Genealogy Project's website was taken down, when the old ISP closed. Now it is being set up with a new ISP.

Now you can find the old website Paikin Genealogy Project website last updated in April 2005.

The new website is found at Paikin Family Genealogy Project

It is only open for registered users, so please take a minute to register at

The new website includes all Paikins (various spellings) and Paikin descendants and relatives that I know of as well as all Hamerows / Gameroffs (various spellings) and their descendants and relatives that I know of - of course, together with many other surnames which you can see at the website.

This new website is a work in progress as I will try to upload photos, stories, documents and much more.

I welcome any and all suggestions, corrections, new information, photos, family legends or myths and the like.

Please invite other family members to register and join this new Paikin-Family database.

Elsebeth Paikin
Coordinator of the Paikin Genealogy Project

Elsebeth Paikin

Opdateret d. 4.6.2011