Paikin Genealogy Project

The Paikin Genealogy Project

The Paikins: Persons, Progenitors and Places in the Pale

The Family Tree Paikin Surname Project has been launched - further information please see below and

Chapter 1 From Palestine to the Pale
Chapter 2 In the Pale
Chapter 3 The surname Paikin
Chapter 4 The first Paikins
Chapter 5 The descendants of Faibush Paikin - father of Hershon and Pini Aron. Updated 30. November 2010
Chapter 6 The descendants of Jacob and Joseph Paikin
Chapter 7 The descendants of Aaron Paikin
Chapter 8 The descendants of the father of Salomon (Zavel) Paikin
Chapter 9 The descendants of Meyer/Mayor Pikin (Paikin)
Chapter 10 The descendants of Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) Paikin
MORE photos added 29. December 2001
Chapter 11 The descendants of David Paikin
Chapter 12 The descendants of Levy Isaac Paikin
Chapter 13 The descendants of Israel Paikin
Chapter 14 The family of Chaim Paikin, Dagda, Latvia.
Chapter 15 Four Baruch Paikins - from Ukraine, Polotsk and Vitebsk
Chapter 16 The brothers Jascha and Isja Paikin - from Odessa
Chapter 17 The descendants of Phaives Paikin
(previously descendants of his son Zalman Paikin)
Chapter 18 The PAIKIN-STODOLSKY branch 19. December 2001
Chapter 19 The PAIKIN-HILLMAN-branch 17. December 2001
Chapter 20 The GAMEROWs/HAMEROWs 18. December 2001
Chapter 21 The descendants of Beryl Paikin 31. December 2001

In many cases the descendants of the various Paikin-families are known up to this date, and many of them have joined this Paikin Genealogy Project. However, for reasons of discretion and privacy details are not given for persons born after 1900.

Please note that the name are known to be spelled i various ways:

Piken - Pikin - Pajkin - Paykin - Paikine - Peiken - Peikin - and even Paikov!

When all the descendants in the various Paikin-branches (which are known at present), all the "strays" and single Paikins will be mentioned, and finally, I will attempt to outline some possible links between the various Paikin-families.

After research commissioned in the Riga and Minsk Archives and going through the comprehensive reports received from the archives, several new links between various branches have been found. This website will soon be updated with the results.

However, as the paper trail seems to have come to and end, a Family Tree Surname DNA project has been started in order to find possible links between other branches as well. Please see: for more information on this project and for joining the project.

However, please note that this is an ongoing process, and information keeps coming in!

All and any information, suggestions, hypotheses, stories, photos etc. about Paikins, Paikin-descendants or - spouses will be greatly appreciated!.

Please send any comments, questions and further information to: Elsebeth Paikin

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