Descendancy Narrative of Siman Hamerow (2469)




I.  Siman1 Hamerow (2469) was also known as Simon Hamerow (2469).  He was born between 1810 and 1835.  He appeared on the census of 1897 at Naberezhnaya 472-1, house of Padwa, Kraslava, Latvia.


A.  Schlema2 Hamerow (1754) was also known as Salomon Hamerow (1754).


1.  Michlya3 (alledgedly née: Hamerow) (188) was also known as Mirka, Miriam, Michla.
Her daughter, Salome,  was alledgedly married to her uncle, Tevje Hamerow, brother to Michla. She was born circa 1842 at Kraslava, Latvia.  She married Aba Markusov Paikin (187), son of Movshi Marcus Hershanov Paikin (184) and Rivka Kresla (--?--) (185), before 1861.  She lived in 1907 at Ludza, Latvia.  She died after 1907 at Latvia.
(See also: Descendancy Narrative of Herson Paikin


2.  Tevje3 Hamerow (1626) was also known as Tevel Gamerow (1626).  He was also known as Teive Gameroff (1626).  He It is said, that Salome Paikin married her uncle on her mother's side. This must mean that Max Chaim Hamerow and Mirka are brother and sister. The actor in the 'Vilna Group', Chaim Schneer Hamerow, is said to be Max Chaim Hamerow's brother.  He married Schemia Haya Dorn (1713).  He was born in Jan 1854 at Dvinsk, Lithuania.  He married Salome Paikin (242), daughter of Aba Markusov Paikin (187) and Michlya Hamerow (188), in 1889.  He died in 1920 at Lithuania.


His children from the first marraiage:


a)  Haveda4 Hamerow (1848) was also known as Haivé Hamerow (1848).  She was also known as Haivé Gameroff (1848).  She died in 1945.


b)  Salomon4 Gameroff (1849) was also known as Solomon Hamerow (1849).  He emigrated in 1904 to France.  He married Jeanne Haguenauer (2976) in 1910 at France.


B.  Shmuil2 Hamerow (2982) was "small trader" at Kraslava, 55'54"/27'10."  He was Belonging to the Jewish community of Kovno, Lithuania.  He married Beila (--?--) (2983), daughter of Israel (--?--) (2985).  He was born circa 1852 at Kraslava, 55'54"/27'10."  He was small trader in 1897.  He died after 1897.


C.  Rivka2 Hamerow (2984) was born circa 1857 at Kraslava, 55'54"/27'10."  She married Leiser Zenziper (2986), son of Abel Zenziper (2987), before 1877.  As of before 1877, her married name was Zenziper (2984).  She died after 1897.


1.  Esther3 Zenziper (2988) was born circa 1877.


2.  Simon3 Zenziper (2989) was born circa 1879.


3.  Ilja3 Zenziper (2990) was born circa 1887.


4.  Scheila3 Zenziper (2991) was born circa 1889.




At present unknown relations

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In a ledger of the Jewish Community of Copenhagen is found the following information:

  • Benzion GAMEROW, a shoemaker from Dvinsk who was in Copenhagen in 1907:
    12. October 1907: "GAMEROW, Benzion, from Dvinsk, coming from Hangoe, shoemaker"
    31. December 1907: "GAMEROW, Benzion, from Dvinsk, going to Stettin, coming from Hangoe, shoemaker".
    [From Stettin he might have gone back to Dvinsk or he might have proceeded to Bremen or Hamburg and emigrated (to the USA?).]

From a report from Aleksandrs Feigmanis, Latvian historian and genealogist. He found the following GAMEROWsin the 1874 Dvinsk district's houseowner list:

  • "Son of Abram GAMEROW: GAMEROW, Jankel Abramovitsch, peasant of Druya in the district of Novoaleksandrovsk (now Zarasai in Lithuania, near Dvinsk/Daugaavpils), 26 years old, his son Mendel 3 years old"

  • "Son of Morduch GAMEROW: GAMEROW, Bentsian Morduchovitsch, peasant of Druya in the district of Novoaleksandrovsk (now Zarasai in Lithuania, near Daugaavpils), 26 years old"
    [This could be the first mentioned Benzion GAMEROW who were in Copenhagen in 1907!?]

From searches on the Internet and help from other genealogists the following information was obtained:

  • Stepan Gamerov born 19.03.1912 (Russia)

  • Michael Gamerov was killed during World War II. His family is said to come from Ukraine.

  • Some Gamerows emigrated to Israel from Russia.

In Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's book: "THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO" (Vol. 2) is mentioned a:

  • Boris Gamerow

and from searches on the Internet by other genealogists the following information was obtained:

  • "GAMEROV, Boris Isaakovich, born 5. September 1924 in Moscow, died: 2.February 1946 in imprisonment. He was arrested 10. January 1945 in Moscow and sentenced 30. June 1945 to 10 years labor"
    [He might be identical with the above Boris mentioned in "The Gulag Archipelago" (see the above)!?]

  • "GAMEROV, Isaak Borisovich, born in 1895 in Latvia, died in June 1952. He was arrested in August 1938 in Irkutsk and sentenced to 10 years labor" [Judging from the names it is very likely that Isaak Borisovich is the father of Boris Isaakovich!]

On the Interbet, Tania Hall, found the following:

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