The Paikins

Descendants of a Paikin

Generation One

All unknown - except that one is presumed to be Pasja Ella!

All unknown - except that one is presumed to be Pasja Ella!

1. ??? Paikin

Unfortunately neither his name, nor the name of four of his children, are known. We know his wife's, Pasja Ella's, name because Jascha named his daughter after her!

Judging from the birth of Jacob (Jascha), who we know was the middle child, he must have been born sometime between 1850 and 1860 and presumably somewhere in Russia.

He and Pasja Ella had 5-7 children. He is said to have lived in the outskirts of Odessa, where the family had a clothing factory making uniforms.

Children of ??? Paikin and Pasja Ella ? all born Odessa, Russia, were as follows:

  • i. A son born between 1885 and 1895.
  • ii. A son born between 1885 and 1895.
  • 2. v. Jacob, born 6 May 1889.
  • iii. A daughter born between 1885 and 1895.
  • iv. A daughter born between 1885 and 1895.
  • 3. vi. Isaac, born 1 November 1891.

Generation Two

2. Jacob (Jascha) Paikin

Jacob also known as Jascha was born 1889 Odessa, Ukraine, and died 1967 in Norway. He and his brother Isja came to Norway between 1912-1914 after the had been first two years in Germany, and then two years in Denmark. A third brother accompanied them, but decided to return to Odessa, Russia. However, it is not known if this third brother ever did get back to Odessa!

Children of Jacob Paikin was as follows:

Jascha in 1903 in Odessa.

Jascha as a young man photographed in Odessa


This is said to be Jascha, but there is some uncertainty ...

Jascha as a young man - time, photographer and place where it was taken is unfortunately not known!
Jascha in the middle, Isja to the right

Jascha in the middle, his brother Isja standing behind him to the right. The man to the left is unknown - but presumed to be third brother, who wished to return to Odessa.

3. Isaac Paikin

Isaac also known as Isja was born 1891 in Odessa, Ukraine, and he died 1942 in Auschwitz.

Children of Isaac Paikin were as follows:

  • Rosa
  • Ella
  • Ivar

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