The Paikins

Descendants of Levy Isaac Paikin

Generation One

1. Levy Isaac Paikin; born ca. 1850 Russia; died before 1906. Levy was married to ? Rubinov; He is said to have lived in Jarzana Gubernya .

Children of Levy Isaac Paikin and ? Rubinov were as follows:

  • 2. Israel Leib, born 1879 Jarzana, Ukraine, married Fanny (Jinie) Tripetujen.
  • 3. Abraham, born ca. 1880, married Basilia Alterman.

Generation Two

The people in the picture are from left to right: The girl standing is LILIA, her mother FANNY, the eldest girl ETL (Elisa), ISRUL LEIB (married to Fanny) in the middle and LIVE (Luisa) on the right. The two little girls are ESTHER FEIGUE and the baby IDA. The photo was taken in the 1920s

2. Israel Leib Paikin (Levy); born 1879 Jarzana, Ukraine; died 1930 in Argentina, married to Fanny (Jinie) Tripetujen. He emigrated to ARgentina ca 1905

Children of Israel Leib Paikin and Fanny (Jinie) Tripetujen were as follows:

  • Leon
  • Elisa
  • Luisa (Live)
  • Esther
  • Lilia
  • Ida (Chola)

3. Abraham Paikin (Levy); born ca. 1880, died after 1930 in Argentina, married to Basilia Alterman. He emigrated in 1905 to Argentina.

Children of Abraham Paikin and Basilia Alterman were as follows:

  • Slape
  • Aaron
  • Salvador
  • Elias
  • Fanny
  • Raquel
  • Catalina
  • José
  • Levi

One of these three men (the one in the middle) is presumably Isrul Leib - the others (also the little girl) are unidentified.

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