The Paikins

Descendants of Israel Paikin

Generation One

1. Israel Paikin

Israel lived Polotsk, where he copied Torah for Tefelin. He died in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Children of Israel Paikin all born Polotsk, Vitebsk gubernia, Belarus wree as follows:

Generation Two

2. Solomon Paikin

(Israel) Solomon was born in Polotsk presumably between 1880 and 1890.

Children of Solomon Paikin wre as follows:

  • Naum

3. Lazar (Lazier) Paikin

(Israel) Lazar was born in Polotsk presumably between 1880 and 1890 and died ca. 1995. He lived Riga, Latvia.

Children of Lazar (Lazier) Paikin were as follows:

  • Ida
  • Tsila
  • Motya

4. A son (Mendel?, Chaim?) Paikin

(Israel) We do not know his name, but it is by some believed to be Mendel, by others to be Chaim! He was also born Polotsk, and is believed to have lived in Vitebsk, Belarus. He is said to have had at least two children, but neither names, nor gender is known.

Children of (Mendel?, Chaim?) Paikin include:

  • ?
  • ?

5. Abraham (Abram) Paikin

(Israel) Abraham (also known as Abram) was also born in Polotsk

Children of Abraham Paikin include:

  • Fanya
  • Mulya

6. Moshe (Mousse) Paikin

(Israel) Moshe was also born Polotsk.

Children of Moshe (Mousse) Paikin include:

  • Rada
  • Abraham (also known as Abram).

7. Isaac Paikin

(Israel) Isaac was born between 1880 and 1890 in Polotsk. He was married to Yekaterina Engorina, and in 1936 they moved to Georgia, USSR.

Children of Isaac Paikin and Yekaterina Engorina were:

  • Aaron

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