The Paikins

Descendants of Phaives Paikin

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Generation One

1. Phaives (Faivel) Paikin

Phaives born before 1860, Polotsk, Belarus, died after 1878

Children of Phaives Paikin were as follows:

  • i. Hama Guchi (supposedly born between 1870 and 1890)
  • ii. Chaim Herzl; (supposedly born between 1870 and 1890)
  • iii. Abram; (supposedly born between 1870 and 1890), married to Golda.
  • 2. iv. Zalman, born 1878 Polotsk, Belarus, married to Shifra Sora.

Generation Two

2. Zalman Paikin

Generation Two

2. Zalman Paikin (Phaives) born 1878 Polotsk, Belarus; died 1934; married Shifra Sora.

Children of Zalman Paikin and Shifra Sora (all born Polotsk, Belarus) were as follows:

  • 3. i. Faivel, born 1905.
  • 4. ii. Lazar Alter, born 1911, married Genja.
  • 5. iii. Leibe; born 1913, married Lea.
  • 6. iv. Grigory, born 5 May 1915; married Sima Hichenko.
  • 7. v. Liza, born 1917 married ? Khidekel.

Generation Two

3. Faivel (Phaives) Paikin

(Zalman, Phaives) Faivel was born 1905 in Polotsk, Belarus, and died in 1941.

Children of Faivel Paikin include:

  • Sonya
  • A daughter - name unknown
  • A daughter - name unknown

4. Lazar Alter Paikin

(Zalman, Phaives) Lazar Alter born 1911 Polotsk, Belarus ; died 1944; married Genja.

Children of Alter Paikin and Genja include:

  • Eugene

5. Leibe (Leva) Paikin

(Zalman, Phaives) Leibe born 1913 Polotsk, Belarus ; died 1941; married Lea.

Children of Leibe Paikin and Lea include:

  • Boris

6. Grigory Paikin

(Zalman, Phaives) born 5 May 1915 Polotsk, Belarus; died 13 September 1995 in Israel; married Sima Hichenko. He was also known as Girsha (Grisha).

Children of Grigory Paikin and Sima Hichenko (both born Polotsk, Belarus) were as follows:

  • Zinoviy
  • Sofia

7. Liza Paikin

(Zalman, Phaives) Liza Liza; born 1917 Polotsk, Belarus; married Zalman Khidekel

Children of Liza Paikin and Zalman Khidekel were as follows:

  • Dora
  • Sofia
  • Lev

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