The Paikins

The Descendants of Jacob and Joseph Paikin

We know that Jacob and Joseph were brothers - descendants of both Joseph and Jacob told us that! They must therefore have had the same father (or mother!), but at present we do not know the name or anything else.

So the first generation in this case will begin with a ? Paikin

Generation One

1. ? Paikin

Known children of ? Paikin include:

Generation Two

2. Joseph (Yussel) Paikin

Joseph (Yussel) was presumably born sometime around 1860-1865, but we do not know where. From information passed down in the family, his children were said to have come from Nowy Pohost and/or Szarkowszczyna, Belarus. Nowy Pohost is a small sthetl near Szarkowszczyna. Joseph might also have lived there - at least for some time.

Known children of Joseph (Yussel) Paikin were as follows:

  • 4 Moshe Paikin born before 1880, is said to have died 1940-1945.
  • 5 Samuel (Shmuel) Paikin; born before 1880; is said to have died 1940-1945.
  • 6 ?? Paikin; born between 1880 and 1890.
  • 7 Sarah Paikin; born between 1880 and 1890.
  • 8 Chaya Slova Paikin; born before 1881.
  • 9 Ora Paikin, born 1881 in Szarkowszczyna, Belarus; married Tsippa Cohen.
  • 10 Abraham Paikin , born 1886 in Szarkowszczyna, Belarus; married Esther Bessie (Bassel) (Anna) Greenblatt.
  • 11 Israel Paikin , born after 1887; married Fannie (Faye) Rubin?.
  • 12 Zelig Paikin, married Anne Katzen; born 1897.

3. Jacob (Yakov) Paikin

Jacob is said to have been born ca. 1870 in Breslau, Poland.

Known children of Jacob (Yakov) Paikin include:

  • 13 Zelig Paikin. Either Zelig or his brother Ora (Uri) had two daughters!.
  • 14 Ora (Uri) Paikin. Either Zelig or his brother Ora (Uri) had two daughters!.
  • 15 Abraham (Abbe) Saul Paikin, born circa 1890 in Breslau, Poland.

Generation Three

9. Ora Paikin

Ora was born 1881 in Szarkowszczyna, Belarus; and married Tsippa Cohen ca. 1907. He died 1964 in Canada.

He was scrap metal merchant and is said to have lived in Szarkowsczyna (or perhaps Nowy Pohost?), Vitebsk gubernia, Belarus, between 1881 and 1907. He served in the Czar's army until 1907, when he and his wife emigrated to Canada. About 1935 Ora and Tsippa visited their families in Belarus.

Photo of Ora and Tsippo in 1935

Photo of Ora and Tsippo presumaly at their visit in "The Old Country" about 1935.

Known children of Ora Paikin and Tsippa Cohen were as follows:

  • 16 Doris Leah (Dody, Dodie) Paikin
  • 17 Samuel Garfield Paikin
  • 18 Barney Paikin
  • 19 Morris Saul Paikin
  • 20 Celia Paikin

10. Abraham (Abba, Abbe) Paikin

Abraham was born 1886 in Szarkowszczyna, Belarus, and died 1948 in Canada. He married Esther Bessie (Bassel) (Anna) Greenblatt before 1905. He was a tailor, and after having served in the army until 1905, he and his wife emigrated. They first went to Denmark, then to Stockholm, Sweden, where two of their sons were born, and the back to Denmark from where they went to Canada in 1909.

Known children of Abraham Paikin and Esther Bessie (Bassel) (Anna) Greenblatt were as follows:

  • 21 Harry (Hershel) Paikin
  • 22 Sam J. Paikin
  • 23 Wolfe Paikin
  • 24 Stella Paikin

11. Israel Paikin

Israel was born after 1887, and died 1968 in Canada; he married Fannie (Faye) Rubin? before 1924;

Known children of Israel Paikin and Fannie (Faye) Rubin? were as follows:

  • 25 Jeanette Paikin
  • 26 Sidney Paikin
  • 27 Harold Paikin

12. Zelig (Zelek, Samuel) Paikin

Zelig was born 1897 and died 1951 in USA; we was married Anne Katzen; Zelig immigrated to Canada in 1914, and moved to the USA in 1919. Anna Katzen came to the USA in 1905.

Known children of Zelig Paikin and Anne Katzen are as follows:

  • 28 Saul Paikin
  • 29 Shirley Paikin,

15. Abraham (Abbe) Saul Paikin

Abbe Saul is said to have been born ca. 1890 in Breslau, Poland.

Known children of Abraham (Abbe) Saul Paikin include:

  • 30 David Paikin, born 1919 in Breslau, Poland.

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