The Paikins

Jacob Ze'ev Wulff


Descendants of Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) Paikin

Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) Paikin's great-grand child, Gilbert Herbert, now living in Israel, who has done genealogical research for more than 30 years has given all the information about Jacob's descendants, except for some of the information about Yehudah Paikin, which has been given by Yehudah's/Yedid Wulfov's great-grandchild, Arthur Henry Paikin, USA.

The link between Gilbert's and Arthur's families were not previously known, but is a result of the cooperation between members of the Paikin Genalogy Project, particularly Irayne Paikin's and Gilbert's findings in archives in London and finally proven by findings in the Latvian archives.

Unfortunately there are no photos available at present of any of the persons in this Paikin-branch.

Generation One

1. Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) Paikin

Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) was presumably born between 1810 and 1830 in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Lithuania, and died between 1877 and 1898; he married Hinde ? ca. 1847.

Almost all their children left Lithuania for England between 1885 and 1905. Some remained in England, but the majority eventually settled in South Africa in the early years of the century.

Children of Jacob (Ze'ev/Wulf) Paikin and Hinde ? - presumably all born in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Lithuania, - were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Maryassa Paikin

Maryassa is presumed to have been in Dvinsk (Daugavpils), Lithuania, and is believed to have died sometime after 1900.

Children of Maryassa Paikin include:

  • Yudel.
  • Abraham.

3. Yedid (Shalom Yedidia) Wulfov Paikin

Yedid (also known as Yehudah, Shalom Yedidia and Salomon) was born 1848 Dvinsk, Lithuania, and died 1909 in London, England. Yedid was married to Elke Leizerovna Rose. In 1897 they lived in Breslav's house in Soldatskaya Street in Rezekne, Latvia. In the census 1897 is noted that Yedid was "literate, self-taught", and his occupation was "copying of papers". Elke was illiterate as was their 17-years old son Judel. Family tradition has it that Yedid was a scribe.

Children of Yedid (Shalom Yedidia) Wulfov Paikin and Elke Leizerovna Rose were as follows:

Yedid and Yudel PAIKIN

Elke Leizerovna Rose
  • Lesser (Lizzie, Lessa) born ca. 1880, married in London, England, in 1904 to Louis Vonner (Fonner).
  • 8. Judel (Julius) Yedidov, born ca. 1880 in Rezekne, Latvia.
  • 9. Motka (Max, Mottel, Mordechai), born 27 May 1885; in Rezekne, Latvia, married to Mary Dora Greenstein (Greenstone).

Left to right: Doba Chasa, Afseh, Boris, Abrassia, Manya

4. Boris (Moshe Dov/Ber) Paikin

Moshe (also known as Moshe Ber, Movsha Ber Yankelevich, Ber Wulfov, Moshe Dov) was born in 1851 in Dvinsk, Lithuania, and he died between 1900 and 1910 in Dvinsk, Lithuania. He was married to Doba Chasa (Dvora) Abramova. They lived ca. 1875 - ca. 1889 in Polotsk, Vitebsk gubernia, Belarus.

Children of Boris (Moshe Dov/Ber) Paikin and Doba Chasa (Dvora) Abramova were as follows:

5. Minnie (Minna Zelda) Paikin

Minnie was born 1856 in Dvinsk, and died 1929 in South Africa. She was married to Simon (Haim Ze'ev) (Yablotchnik) Herbert.

Children of Minnie (Minna Zelda) Paikin and Simon (Haim Ze'ev) (Yablotchnik) Herbert were as follows:

Bor Family - Left to right:
David Hillel, Golda, Anna (~# 10 above, David's wife & daughter of Boris), Hilda

6. Golda Paikin

Golda was born 1859 in Dvinsk, and married to Samuel Bor.

Children of Golda Paikin and Samuel Bor were as follows:

  • 17. Betsy, born 1879.
  • Abraham; born circa 1882; died 1948.
  • 18. David, born 1884; married Anna Paikin, (see above # 10).
  • 19. Hilda, born ca. 1895.

7. Sarah Paikin

Sarah was born 1865 in Dvinsk and died 1945 in South Africa. She was married to Lazar (Eliezer) Miller.

Children of Sarah Paikin and Lazar (Eliezer) Miller all born England were as follows:

Generation Three

8. Judel Yedidov Paikin

Judel (also known as Julius) was born 1880 in Rezekne, Latvia; died 1956 in USA. He married Helen Slavin in 1906 in USA.

Children of Judel Yedidov Paikin and Helen Slavin were as follows:

Sol, Davie and Elsie (c. 1920-22)

  • Sophie
  • David
  • Elsie
  • Solomon (Sol)

9. Motka Paikin

Motka (also known as Mottel, Moshe, Mordechai, Marks and Max) was born 1885 in Rezekne, he was married in 1908 in London, England to Mary Dora Greenstein (Greenstone), born 1885.

Motka's and Mary's families are said have been neighbors and friends in Latvia, and that they emigrated together to London, where they also became neighbors. Some of their relatives remained in England (i.a. Mary's sister Becky Greenstein/Greenstone), some emigrated to Canada, South Africa and the USA.

Motka and Mary emigrated to USA, where he served in the army during WWI.

Children of Motka Paikin and Mary Dora Greenstein (Greenstone) were as follows:

  • Ethel
  • Elic died 1917.
  • Solomon David

10. Anna Paikin

Anna married David Bor, son of Samuel Bor and Golda Paikin (see above # 6), 10 March 1908 in London, England.

David and Anna Bor (1908)

Children of Anna Paikin and David Bor all born England were as follows:

  • Hilda
  • Margot
  • Sylvia
  • Edward

11. Afseh Haim Paikin

Afseh was born 1875 in Polotsk, and died in South Africa. He married Bertha Liffchitz 1910 in London, England. He was violinist.

Children of Afseh Haim Paikin and Bertha Liffchitz were as follows:

  • Rosa
  • Sonia Gertrude
  • Miriam
  • Alfreda Ethel Gertrude
  • Boris Harry

12. Lasure (Eliezer) Paikin

Lasure was born 1882 in Polotsk and died 1953 in South Africa. He married Sophia Miller, daughter of Lazar (Eliezer) Miller and Sarah Paikin (see above # 7), in 1913 in London, England; He was musician.

Children of Lasure (Eliezer) Paikin and Sophia Miller were as follows:

  • Monty
  • Golda
  • Bella

13. Lazar (Eliezer) Herbert

Lazar was born 1885 in England and died 1942 in South Africa, we was married to Sarah ("Sarah Sylvia") Goldstein.

Children of Lazar (Eliezer) Herbert and Sarah ("Sarah Sylvia") Goldstein were as follows:

  • Eva (Hava)
  • Abraham Yehuda
  • Laurie

14. Annie (Hannah) Herbert

Annie was born 1887 in England and died 1968 in South Africa. She was married to Nathan Rosenfeld.

Children of Annie (Hannah) Herbert and Nathan Rosenfeld were as follows:

  • Olga
  • Marjorie
  • Norman

15. Benjamin (Binyamin) Herbert

Benjamin was born 1889 in England and died 1945 in South Africa. He was married to Sophia Miller

Children of Benjamin (Binyamin) Herbert and Sophia Miller were as follows:

  • Harold Hyman
  • Cecil Solomon
  • Gilbert

16. Ray (Rachel) Herbert

Ray was born 1892 in England and died 1963 in South Africa. She married George Moss.

Children of Ray (Rachel) Herbert and George Moss were as follows:

  • Albert
  • Daphne Hilda

17. Betsy Bor

Betsy was born 1879 and died 1955. She married Solly Spinak.

Children of Betsy Bor and Solly Spinak were as follows:

  • Albert
  • Jack
  • Sam
  • Florence

18. David Hillel Bor

David was born 1884 and died 1973. He married to Anna Paikin, daughter of Boris (Moshe Dov/Ber) Paikin and Doba Chasa (Dvora) Abramova (see above # 4), 1908 in London, England;

Children of David Bor and Anna Paikin all born England - (see above).

19. Hilda Bor

Hilda was born circa 1895 and died 1960.She was married to Vincent Howard.

Children of Hilda Bor and Vincent Howard were:

  • Tony

20. Samuel Miller

Samuel was born 1886 England and died 1944 in South Africa.

Children of Samuel Miller include:

  • Arthur

21. Sophia Miller

Sophia was born 1889 England adn died 1960 in South Africa. She married Lasure (Eliezer) Paikin, son of Boris (Moshe Dov/Ber) Paikin and Doba Chasa (Dvora) Abramova (see above # 4), 1913 in London, England;

Children of Sophia Miller and Lasure (Eliezer) Paikin - see above.

22. Hyman Miller

Hyman was born 1891 in England and died 1971 in South Africa.

Children of Hyman Miller include:

  • Helen
  • Charles

23. Annie Miller

Annie was born 1894 England and died 1982 in South Africa. She was married to Lionel Goodman.

Children of Annie Miller and Linonel Goodman were as follows:

  • Hilda
  • Nathan
  • Arthur

24. Henry Miller

Henry was born 1896 in England and died 1945 in South Africa.

Children of Henry Miller were as follows:

  • Stephen David
  • Lester
25. Harold Lewis Isaac Miller

Harold was born 1897 in England and died 1978 in South Africa.

Children of Harold Lewis Isaac Miller include:

  • Jack
  • Patricia


An immigration to South Africa record from 1928:

Paikin, Abram
age 19 (i.e. born ca. 1909!)
from Janiski
arriving in South Africa,
on the steamer "Guildford Castle",
October 13, 1928,
going to uncle E. Paikin, POB 148, Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Does anyone know an E. Paikin, who lived in Krugersdorp in the late 1920'ies?

Or an Abraham Paikin from Janiski?

I suppose the Janiski is the: JANISZKI 126.0 miles NNW of Vilnius (a little south of Riga).

There are now one person that I cannot fit in at present, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated:

R. Paikin
born circa 1863 in Suwalki
emigrated ca. 1900 from Kovno
Jan. 1901 he stayed 5 days at the "Shelter" in London
before leaving on the "Doune Castle" for South Africa
He was married, but had no children

Does anyone know this R. Paikin?

Please send any comments and further information to: Gilbert Herbert and Elsebeth Paikin
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