The Paikins

The Descendants of ? Paikin

The Paikin-Stodolsky branch

  1. ? PAIKIN was born circa 1865 in Latvia (or Poland?)

    1. Beryl PAIKIN was born between 1885 and 1900 in Latvia.

    2. Baruch PAIKIN (also known as Bruche) was born between 1885 and 1900 in Latvia, and died between 1940 and 1945.

    3. Esther PAIKIN (also known as Estriche) was born between 1885 and 1900 in Latvia. She died between 1940 and 1945.

    4. Chaike PAIKIN She was born between 1885 and 1900 in Latvia and emigrated to the USA.

    5. Leah PAIKIN (also known as Leschka). She was born in 1896 (perhaps in Disna?). She married Benjamin STODOLSKY, born 1889, in Latvia. They emigrated to the USA via Liverpool, England, and arrived 5. October 1906, to the US on the "SS Campania". According to the passenger list she came together with a brother: Jossel PAIKIN, but as the story goes, it was her husband, Benjamin STODOLSKY, who arrived as Jossel PAIKIN!

      [Click on photo to see enlargement!]
      Benjamin & Leah Stodolsky and the three eldest children. Photo taken in New York City about 1915.
      Left to Right:
      Freida Fanny, (known as Rhoda);
      Rifka (Rebecca);
      Menachim Mendel, (known as Max).
      Fourth child, who was born in 1917, and not in the picture, is Sholem.
      Fifth child born in 1922, Esther Rachel (known as Ruth) is the sole surviving sibling in December 2001.

        The birthyears of the below children are not known!

      1. Rebecca STODOLSKY (also known as Rifka) born before 1915.

      2. Freida Fanny STODOLSKY (also known as Rhoda) born before 1915.

      3. Menachim Mendel STODOLSKY (also known as Max) born before 1915.

      4. Sholem STODOLSKY born 1917 in the US, died 1998.

      5. Esther Rachel STODOLSKY (also known as Ruth and Lena). She was born before 1922 in the US. She married ? GROSSMAN

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