The Paikins

Descendants of Beryl PAIKIN from Yoniskis

We know that the father of this Beryl PAIKIN had at least one more son:

  • A son who was a violinist with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra.

We already know of another Beryl Paikin from The Pakin-Stodolsky branch (Chapter 18), whose father's name is also unknown to us, but in this case we know more about Beryl's siblings and their names, but in this case nothing is known about Beryl - and he is not presumed to have perished in the Holocaust like a sister and brother, the two remaining sisters emigrated to the US.

Could it be that these two Beryls are one and the same person? And that Baruch did not perish after all during the Holocaust? Or perhaps there were more brothers and sisters, that we do not know of? The youngtest daughter was born in Disna which is located in the vicinity of Joniskis (see below)!

One more hint that can lead os to linking some of the Paikin branches together is that this Beryl's granddaughter remembers that his first name was Wolf.

Who can find a violinist with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra named Paikin? Maybe that could help us solve the riddle! Otherwise, we'll have to hope for the research reports from the archives in Lativa, Lithuani and Minsk.

And, of course, more hard work ...

As for the shtetl: On JewishGen's ShtetlSeeker you can find several towns with a name that could fit Janeskus/Yoniskis.

Sometimes in the information received the name given is Janeskus, sometimes Yoniskis and sometimes with the addition "Kovno province". The most likely towns are:

  • JONISKES 54o30' 24o19' (local official name) Lithuania 42.0 miles WSW of Vilnius
  • JONISKIS 56o14' 23o37' (local official name) Lithuania 126.0 miles NNW of Vilnius
  • IONISHKIS (JONISKIS) 55o04' 25o39' (former name, minority language name, or variations of the native name) Lithuania 29.6 miles NNE of Vilnius

Anyway, here are the known descendants of Beryl:

  1. Beryl PAIKIN. It is not known when he was born, but he died before 1914 in Janeskus. He married Feigel (also known as Faige, Bobba Feige "Der Tzekerke" or "The Midwife") because she was a midwife in Yoniskis. She died circa 1939 in Yoniskis.

    Known children of Beryl and Feigel (A-G):

    1. Moshe PAIKIN died circa 1939 in Janeskus/Yoniskis. He married Sara who died during the Holocaust.

      Known children of Moshe and Sara (1-3):

      1. Sam PAIKIN was born in Janeskus/Yoniskis. He died in Johannesburg, South Africa.
      2. Abe PAIKIN
        (Now, this it the enigmatic Abram PAIKIN that I requested information about at the very bottom of the "Jacov Ze'ev Wulff Paikin"-page. The information from an immigration to South Africa record from 1928 gives the information: "Paikin, Abram, male, age 19, from Janiski, arriving in South Africa, on the steamer "Guildford Castle", October 13, 1928, going to uncle E. Paikin, POB 148, Krugersdorp, South Africa." I asked if anyone knew this uncle, E. Paikin, who lived in Krugersdorp in the late 1920'ies? Or an Abraham Paikin from Janiski? The reply led to this Paikin-branch beginning with Beryl!
        Back to:
        Abe PAIKIN (also known as Avraham B'Reb Moshe) was born circa 1909/-10 in Janeskus/Yoniskis. He immigrated on 13 October 1928 to South Africa. He died 1964 in Johannesburg. He ran "cross country races" in South Africa. In 1936 in Johannesburg he married Luba ROD (also known as Lieba and Liebe Bas Reb Yitzchak); she was born circa 1905 in Shavli, Lithuania. She emigrated 1929 aboard the "Gloucester Castle" and came to live with her sister Mrs. Sher in Johannesburg. She died 1984 in Johannesburg.
        Abe and Luba had three children.

      3. Beryl PAIKIN was born about 1920 in Janeskus/Yoniskis, where he died circa 1939. Beryl was Rabbi.

    2. Beila PAIKIN was born in Janeskus/Yoniskis; she married Elias KIMMEL (also known as Elya and Eliyahu), son of Zvi KIMMEL. She died in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
      Beila and Elias had at least 7 children.

    3. Eddie Yechiel PAIKIN (also known as Yechiel Yonah and Edward). In 1928 he lived in Krugerdorp, South Africa, and he died 1971 in South Africa. Eddie married Bertha CANIN
      Eddie and Bertha had two daughters: Yocheved and Raizel

    4. Simcha SIMON PAIKIN was born, lived an died circa 1939 in Janeskus/Yoniskis. He was married to Chana.

    5. Raizel PAIKIN emigrated to the US, where she died in a garment workers factory. Maybe the so called "Triangle Fire"? However, I cannot find her under the name Raizel, Rachel, or any variants of spelling of the name PAIKIN, but if she had married, she would, of course, be listed under her married name!

      Websites with information about "The Triangle fire" are:

    6. Yudel PAIKIN lived in Riga, Latvia.

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