The Paikins

The first Paikins

Let me introduce the first Paikins found in the sources and known to have lived around the turn of the 18th/ 19th Century (later more details will be given together with the sources):
  1. Aaron Paikin father of
    • Abraham and his son
      • Yehuda Leib lived with his wife Shifra Henya and their children (born ca. 1880-1900) in Polotsk:
        • Rose
        • Messel (Moshe?)
        • Max Mendel
        • Ephraim Jacob
        • Zelig
  2. Abraham Paikin - or there might be two by that name - as we have two "sons of Abrabam" (Abramov). The father of Israel can be presumed to have died prior to 1872, as his grandson is named after him.
    • Michel Abramov Paikin, living in Dagda 1874, born ca. 1802.
    • Israel Abramov Paikin, who was born ca. 1816, lived 1875 in Polotsk with his two sons:
      • Wulf, b. ca. 1865
      • Abram, b. ca. 1872
  3. Baruch (Boruch) Paikin father of
    • Simon Boruchovitch Paikin, who was born ca. 1824 and who lived in Polotsk in 1975 together with his two sons:
      • Boruch (Baruch)
      • Zorach, b. ca. 1869
  4. Berka father of:
    • Feitel Berkov Paikin and his four children:
      • Movsha (born 1859),
      • Shaya (1861),
      • Aaron (1863) and
      • Leiba (1867).
  5. Elja Paikin who presumably died before 1861, because his grandson is named after him:
    • Itsik Eljevitsch Paikin born ca. 1836
      • Elja Paikin born ca. 1861
  6. Isaac (Itzik) Paikin father of
    • Israel Itsikovich Paikin, who was born in 1822 in Polotsk but later lived in Dvinsk
  7. Jacob Ze'ev Wulff Paikin who lived in Dvinsk - but also some time in Polotsk - as did his children born between ca. 1845-1865 in Dvinsk:
    • Maryassa
    • Shalom Yedida, b. ca. 1848 (in 1897 he lived in Rezekne)
    • Boris (Moshe Ber, Moshe Dov, Berka Wulfov, , b. ca. 1851.
    • Minna, b. ca. 1856
    • Golda, b. ca. 1859
    • Sarah, b. 1865
  8. Herson (Gerson, Gershon) Paikin father of
    • Marcus (Morduch, Mordechai) Paikin, who presumably lived in Dagda.
  9. Ruben (Reuven) Paikin father of
    • Hirsch Ruvimov Paikin born ca. 1837, lived in Polotsk 1875 with his three sons
      • Rafael born ca. 1862
      • Movsha born ca. 1869
      • Meyer born ca. 1872
  10. Ruben (Reuven) Paikin who died in Polotsk before 1869 - this we know because Beilya Paikin inherited him in 1869 ... so he must have died that year or earlier. We do not know his age when he died, and for all we know, he might be the above-mentioned Ruben!?

So now we have about ten persons with the surname Paikin.

Let us speculate a bit: Could they all ten be sons of the same father?

Or must we seek further back for the one progenitor? In that case the above ten Paikins might have been cousins!

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